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Bold was inspired by a need for us to find purpose & intention in our lives. What that means exactly continues to evolve as we grow and learn about ourselves through this venture, but through it all we’ve found that one truth is unmistakable:

“Once you start living life in the arena, you can't go back to sitting in the stands.”

Our Story

We started Bold in 2016 with a two bit smoker out of the back of our garage in Niwot, Colorado. We’ve grown from doing pop-up nights at breweries and farmers markets to catering hundreds of weddings and events all over the state of Colorado. Coming from the South, we’ve had recipes passed down from generations, and our roots very much influence the flavors we bring into our dishes. You haven’t had cornbread like Mamaw’s Cornbread Casserole and you’re certainly going to be asking for more of our homemade Alabama White Sauce! We’re family owned & family run around here. We practice what we preach, and being a part of your day is something we don’t take for granted. We can’t wait to have you experience an event with Bold BBQ!